Monday, September 14, 2009

Writer's Block Sucks.

I think I'm experiencing this thing called "writer's block."

It sucks. It sucks major donkey dick.

So far I've started half a dozen posts for this thing, all of which have ended up in the digital dumpster.

I mean, it's not that hard, right? To just write a post. Step one is picking your subject matter. Step two is writing. Everything else falls into those two categories.

Apparently, this is too difficult for my brain to handle. It's a novel sensation. Anyone who knows me in "real life" (what does that make this? An "unreal" life?) will tell you I'm pretty much a chatterbox. Seriously. I have verbal diarrhea.

And yet I got nada. Jack. Nothing. Zip, zilch, and zero. My writing even sucks tonight.

I thought I'd be able to write a post about writer's block in some sort of effort to unblock myself.

I don't think it's working. But, I'll post this anyways, as a reminder to myself. Someday I'll laugh about this. Just not now.

Have a good night ya'll...hopefully I'll manage to fix myself soon.

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  1. It happens. I have those moments (er days, no make that weeks) where writing is just hard. Yea, I can usually make it work but it's more enjoyable when you aren't feeling that "meh, whatever" feeling.


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