Friday, September 18, 2009


"Nothing happens in a vacuum, and everything leads to something else."

My high-school history teacher used to tell us this. He also taught us that humans were the only beings on this planet who routinely came up with bigger and better ways to destroy ourselves.

I adored him.

He was the most monotone person I've ever met - I'm pretty sure the man could give Ben Stein a run for his money. He never smiled. He assigned monsterous amounts of reading for homework, and half his lecture was usually missed because I was asleep.

Because of all of this, I absolutely abhorred History class. Regardless, I loved him. He was my loveable old man professor who was one part absent-mindedness and three parts absolute brilliance.

As the leaves start turning and dropping and the air gets crisper, I'm reminded of my high-school days.

Granted, I hated high-school. One of these days I'll have to let you all in on the hilarity of it. I'm sure there's humor in being known as "that girl who fell down the steps again," among other things.

But that's not why I'm writing this blog tonight.

The truth is, world, I feel old.

Now, I know what you're thinking. "She's only 24, she doesn't know the meaning of old." Well...yea. That's true. I'm still very young, and still have a lot of my life left to live (hopefully).

But, I see high-school freshmen now and I wonder if I was ever that young. They all look so carefree and well...tiny. Them, with their braces and backpacks and acne.

Was that really only a decade ago? Can't be. I feel so distant from that little ego-hazed bubble of adolescence. I can't say I miss it, tell ya the truth. I was an impossibility in high-school.

I do, however, miss the simpleness of it all. In high-school, I felt like anything was a possibility. Now I know better.

Oh well. Not like one can stop the freight-train of growth, right?


  1. Now you just need to realize that idealism is still possible, that's what's changed. We get older and we forget that our lives can be what we make of them. We get bogged down in bills, debts, and the day to day. We lose sight of the possibilities around each corner. Maybe there is a reason you started to write online, maybe you haven't lost that part of yourself. Maybe you are reclaiming it.

  2. Hm, that's a possibility Beth...and I won't lie, I have been called jaded a time (or five). But I remember a time when all I needed was ten dollars, and I could do anything and help anyone. Now it's a tad more complicated to do so.

  3. Hi Nyx.

    I used your 3 things idea for my friday post. Thanks!

  4. I feel you. Especially now that I'm out in the "real world" after college. I don't want to go back, but I really miss the simplicity of it all. Bottom line: I really need to get job.

    Following!! :)

  5. EQ: Yay...that makes me full of the happiness.

    Dara: Ditto on the job front. It's just not paying the bills. ugh.

  6., two, three, seven.

    Dang, I should have gone to a private school...I still see where I have to "select profile". Now I'm going in....

  7. Ok, it let me comment, but you gots to get rid of the "select Profile" or the Word Verification. Still too much work. And you know how Aunt Uppity hates work!

  8. ...urgh. so sorry about that uppity...i'm trying to figure out why it's being so dang weird...i think i'm going to get rid of the word verification - i'm not quite sure how to get rid of the select profile, i think it's a blogger thing.

  9. Just remember, age is a state of mind. There are some 60 year olds that act ike they are in their 40's. Then there are some 50 year olds, that act like they are 100. Try to enjoy your life for the moment.

  10. Hey Quip, I'm an old fart and if i didn't break my foot trying to run on ice, I'd still be running right by Nyx and her pals on the trail.

  11. I don't doubt that uppity...I remember we were in Edinburgh once, and most of us 20-somethings were completely winded while climbing up what we thought was Arthur's seat (think gigantic hill-type structure). Then a 70-something year old man came running past us and completely left us in the dust...we all had a good 'holy hell' moment.

    I made a pledge to start exercising regularly again after that.

    And age is just a number Quip - I was just saying that I miss the simpleness of it all back when I was in HS. :)


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