Monday, September 28, 2009

Picture Monday (on crack)

So, for the second installment of Picture Monday, I decided to let ya'll in on what me and Pookie do on our date nights.

Keep in mind - at no point during the events depicted was alcohol consumed.

We were bored, so we decided to take a drive down to slower lower Delaware. Mind you, in Delaware-speak, this means below the canal. Pookie stole my camera and decided to take pictures of the clouds.

I find the below picture kind of amusing. For those of you who can't see, that sign says Wilmington. We have a yield, then a do not enter, then a sign depicting a U-turn to Wilmington. At the time it was funny.

Woohoo. There's less traffic fatalities this year. Go us? Y'know, this sign wasn't very encouraging to me.

Pookie decided to take more cloudy pictures. His sense of composition is not all there. (author's note: I love you anyways hun.)

We figured gas might be important. After a brief struggle at the pump over who would pay (it's my car, damnit, I can pay for it!) we gassed up and hit the road again.

Only to arrive at THE! RICHEST! WALMART! EVER!. Yep.

Their $5 DVD collection....

Was actually organized.

Although, it was obviously still a Walmart. I'm sure there's some huntsman-like people out there who think I'm weird for finding humor in the below picture. We also found gems such as "Buck Lickers" and "Acorn Rage." I want that job. Naming these products, that is.

When we got back home we decided to unleash our inner ten year olds and play with legos. I made a robot.

And a kick-ass car.

Pookie made a little crematory home thing.

Which my kick-ass robot destroyed.

But it all worked out in the end.
And no, Pookie didn't want me to destroy the lego masterpieces. Gotta tell ya hun...they've been dismembered so they could fit back in their box. Sorry.


  1. I love day trip pictures. Makes me feel like I got to go somewhere by seeing them, even though I'm just sitting here:D

  2. beth - I know! I feel the same way whenever I see someone else's trip pictures :)


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