Sunday, March 6, 2011

Music and Revelations

Music postings. I tend not to do them. But, thanks to the fine folks over at 20sb, my dark cloud has been pierced by the wonderful sounds of their musical recommendations. Here's a few of my favorites:

Zaz. She's french. And sassy. And she looks like she just gets so much joy out of singing - it's just fun to watch her. Thanks Rawr, for suggesting her :) I'd heard of her before, but I kind of forgot her :P

Next up: Tom suggested this band. This particular song makes me want to spin...over and over and over again, until I'm deliriously dizzy. I adore spinning 'round and 'round.

Now, one of my favorite vocalists. I first saw John Faye back when I was at UD when he was singing alone for a charity thing...and I remember being absolutely blown away. I could just close my eyes and listen to him all. Day. Long. And all. Night. Long. I love this man's vocals, I really do. He's the lead singer of IKE, and I hope they're around for a while (they had a bit of a rough patch a while back I remember...and my heart almost died that day. I'm glad to see they're still around). Also, this song? Started out as a lullaby for his son. HOW ADORABLE IS THAT? *ovary explode*

Another fav from my UD days is The Canon Logic. Seriously, these guys freakin rock my socks off - I first saw them a few years ago, back when I was a photographer for the school paper. I was required to go to Deer Park (a bar...who likes to call itself a tavern) and take photos of them. They blew me away, and I was hooked from that moment on. Whenever I'm feeling down, they're my go-to band. Listening to them transports me back to when I was in college, a heavy backpack weighing me down with books, trudging across campus. Maybe stopping by the Scrounge to grab a quick bite to eat, maybe saying hi to a few friends/professors/acquaintances, going out every Thurs night to see the bands at Deer Park with my friend A, and avoiding all the skuzzy creepers as we rocked out to whatever band was playing (copious amounts of alcohol may or may not have been involved). And my fancy with this particular band has nothing to do with them being hawt. Nope. That's just a bonus. I mean, really. How can you NOT smile when seeing this video?

See. Instant smile. Admit it, you're smiling.

I've been having a horrible, no good, downright nasty week. I'd forgotten one of my principles - Just Be. I mean, I know it sounds simple and whatnot (and like something you'd find in some God-awful self-help book), but I think that we - more often then not - get so caught up in the little things that we forget about the big picture. We forget that life's too short to be mired in drama and unhappiness.

And thanks to the 20sb crowd - and a little bit of music - things are suddenly looking up, and I've remembered who and what I am. That's better than any therapy I could ever pay for.

Goodbye Drama. Goodbye Unhappiness. Goodbye bad feelings, lingering thoughts, and worries.

Hello Happy.

Hello world.


  1. Thanks for the new songs, I'm off today so I even have time to download them.

  2. LOVE burlap to cashmere.

    i didn't even know anyone else knew they existed!


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