Thursday, March 10, 2011


So I finally got roped into doing the karaoke blog ring of death.

That's right. I did karaoke. On the youtube. Where tens millions of people will watch it. You want in on the watching? Then check out the fabulous Tab's blog. She kind of rocks.

Big big thanks to Nips. Without her, this whole crazy bout of insanity never would have happened.

And y'wanna know who else rocks? Daniella. That's the lovely lady whose video is posted below. Mhm. Check her out. She's freakin adorable. I envy her eyes. Look at how freakin blue they are! JEALOUS. Anyways, Daniella sent me this little tidbit to put before her KBROD vid. And I couldn't agree with it more(and don't forget to visit her blog!)

So the best part about college is right here in this very song. So at 2am when I recorded it, completely sober, this is what I chose. Enjoy!


  1. OMG girl you have got such pretty eyes!!!! I must admit I got lost in them halfway through the video, they're distracting in a good way!

  2. Apfel is right! You do have really pretty eyes! Great job!

  3. I really have an urge to go to a kegger and drink out of a red cup.

  4. Can we party together? Like seriously. I'll jump around like a jackass and you can be the smoky-eyed sultry one. LOVED IT!!

  5. Watching this made me have two thoughts:

    1. You totally need a nose ring!

    2. I'm afraid you might bust a cap in my ass if i ever piss you off.

    But your still totally awesome!

  6. I love this song. :) It reminds me of house parties my sophomore year in college. And I totally agree with Rose, you could rock the shit out of a nose ring!

  7. Hahaha oh man this is awesome.

    I third the thought that you would rock a nose ring.

  8. Great blogger, and amazing rapper...are you single by any chance? I was head nodding the whole time and felt the urge to go find some cheap pizza.

  9. I never heard this song before, but I liked it! Very cool, and great job!!

  10. @ Apfel, Thank you !!Good thing too so it distracted you from my 'singing'

    @ Kate, thanks!

    @ Shelley, it has that affect.

    @Bi, that sounds like a plan, let's get this party started!

    @ Coyote, I am not sure how you came to either of those conclusions, but the nose ring thing seems to be pretty popular. I don't like violence, so you are safe.

    @ Sara, that seems to be the consensus.

    @ Tabs, thank you very much :)

    @ Rio, thank you , thank you. Yes, yes I am. Cheap pizza is the best kind of pizza.

    @ Tsa, I am glad you liked it ! It is by Asher Roth.

  11. And thanks Nyx for hosting me !!! You rock!!

  12. I already raved about your eyes last KROD, so I won't say anything else. *coughprettyeyescough*

    I've never heard this song either but it's sort of amazing at capturing the college spirit. Pass me a solo cup too!


  13. How good! I totally forgot about this song. I actually like it (which surprised my brother for some reason...) and you did a great job. :)

  14. I love you daniella. Seriously. Having your face on my blog is like winning the proverbial jackpot.

  15. @ Lor, you are too sweet. It makes me want to swim in a sea of Solo cups.

    @ Kandace, what's not to like?

    @ Nyx, I love you more.


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