Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rom-Com Blog Swap!

Hey ya'll. Sorry if you were expecting a post from me (I know all you lurkers out there were...I know. I'm fabulous. *hairflip* If you want to find me, I'll be over at Christina's blog, Christina in Wonderland), but we've got the fabulous Shelly here on Notions today! I love this girl. Seriously. Her twitter? Keeps me sane during the workday. She's ridiculously funny, smart, and beautiful. If I were a guy, I'd totally bang her.

Without further ado....

I'm sure Nyxy Boo Boo has explained the blog ring to you (at least I hope she did, because I didn't either!) Oh well! Please be sure to check out my blog, Shelly's Musings, to read what Coyote Rose from Dancing on the Bar of Life has to say about her terrible Rom Com movie.

The movie I chose to watch was "What Happens in Vegas" starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz.

First I will say, I can't stand either of these actors. Ashton Kutcher is the stereotypical douche bag, and when I see him I just want to punch him in his perfectly sculpted six-pack abs. He's so annoying. Cameron Diaz is like an aging clown. Scares the living daylights out of me. Ack! On top of that, romantic comedies sort of bore me. Those of you who read my blog know I'm more of a sci fi girl myself. I love a good adventure! So this was quite a task in itself. But here we go!

The main characters of the movie are Joy and Jack. Joy (Diaz) is an anal retentive, planner who works 80 hours a week. Jack (Kutcher) is a carefree bachelor who has lots of sex in his nasty apartment. One night, Joy throws her fiance, Jason Sudakis (totally forgot the character's name) a surprise birthday party, complete with a gift of a vacation to Vegas! Only to her dismay, does he dump her before the SURPRISE! In front of everyone! Womp! Womp! So instead, Joy and her friend go to Vegas to have a GIRLS WEEKEND! SQUEEEE!

I sort of missed how Jack ended up going to Vegas, because I was busy pulling a frozen pizza out of the oven...but him and his friend (some bald guy) go as well. ANYWAY! Somehow, the four of them end up in the same hotel room. They all get drunk and party hard in Vegas. The next morning Joy wakes up to realize her and Jack got married. They bicker a little, and decide to divorce. Just as Joy walks away, Jack puts HER quarter into a slot machine and wins 3 million dollars. ...And let the shenanigans begin!

Conveniently, the are both from NYC, so they go to court for an annulment, which oddly, has no other cases, because they get in quick. The judge sentences them to stay married for six whole months and go to marriage counseling (Note, marriage counselor is Queen Latifah). No one gets any money until this sorts out!

So they move in together....the usual romantic comedy mishaps ensue...I sort of lost track of the movie, I won't lie. Between the pizza and cleaning up the kitchen, 20sb distracting me. The next thing I know is GASP! They're in love. Shocking I know. And in typical Rom Com fashion, there has to be a dressy scene. You know, where the male lead is in a tux, and the lady love is in some fancy dress. Naturally, it is some sort of dinner, with a Vegas theme, and they have their first dance and kiss. Sooo magical! After the wonderful dance, the twosome goes on a romatic walk where Joy tells Jack about her favorite place in the world...Some lighthouse by a beach. ...Yeahhh....

After that magical night full of what seems like love and the mixed feelings of "Can I really be in love?!" Drama ensues. Jack does something to upset Joy right before their six months are up. So at the divorce hearing, Joy gives up her half of the 3 million dollars and just wants a divorce. She really cared for him! She's heartbroken. Jack must make things right! Joy was the love of his life! He finds her lighthouse and proposes right there. Joy has a speech about how she never did anything for herself until him, and it felt so good, so she's saying "I DO!" And then say it with me...


  1. OMG, i'm so glad i never watched this movie because it sounds awful. Although i want to go to vegas, marry a hot guy (hot is subjective when it comes to Kutcher though) and win 3 million dollars all in one day!

  2. What is it with Ashton Kutcher and horrible movies? Did we have an Ashton Kutcher party and forget to invite everyone else? (answer: apparently so)

  3. Ashton Kutcher is SUPER obnoxious. He reminds me of those frat guys who think they are WAY, WAY hotter than they actually are. BLECH. Can you punch him in those abs a few extra times for me?

    (I stand by everything I said regarding Ashton EXCEPT for in the movie A Lot Like Love. Sorry, but that movie is just great.)


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