Monday, October 19, 2009

Picture Monday!

Picture Monday has arrived!!! Tonight's pictures will focus on my dogs. I know, I know. It's the stereotypical "aw look at my babies aren't they just the most precious things you have ever seen" post.

It's my blog. Deal with it. Unfortunately, we had to put Lili down recently - read more about that here. A part of my world cracked that day, and a good portion of that crack still remains, gaping and open and somewhat raw. My other dog, Rusty, also has cancer. I live with the knowledge that any day now we may have to make the decision to have to put him down - he's living on borrowed time as it is. That said, they have to die sometime. I recognize this - but it somehow doesn't make it any easier. They're more than just my pets - they're my best friends. My confidents. I realize that I may be sounding a bit melodramatic here, but that's the way it is with me and my animals.

They're family.

This is Rusty. He's such a good boy.

And this is Lili. She was very skeptical of the human species.

Rusty loves to roll around in the grass - he still enjoys this (he's 11 now). Of course, when he stands up, there's a nice big spot of crushed grass left behind, that inevitably winds up dying. So then we have a big bald patch that usually winds up being covered by clover. At least it's green...right?

This picture was taken a few autumns ago. She really was a good girl - just a little rough around the edges.

He's actually not that dumb, despite his appearances.

Lili trying to force dominate persuade Rusty to play with her.

The squirrel lasted approximately 30.5 seconds before being torn in two.

So there it is!


  1. Rusty and Lili look like quite a pair of friendly and loving pets. It might get a little expensive with replacing the tug of war squirrel though.

  2. Crier: I work at a pet-store. The clearance section is my favorite part of the store.

  3. Crier: also...I just noticed that you said friendly. I'm sitting here at my computer screen, laughing my ass off. Rusty's very friendly. Lili, on the other hand...well. Nip first, ask questions later.

  4. Animals are as friendly as they are treated. And doggie toys are but just one way to share time and attention with pets. Their favorite part of that store is the clearance section too. Only because you bring it home to them.


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