Saturday, October 10, 2009

Freaky Belated Friday

So, I realize that this week's freaky Friday is a tad late. Thanks for pointing it out. I was a bit busy. It happens.

This week's freaky Friday is a list of some of the odder websites that I've encountered.

1.) YogaKitty - ok, I'm pretty sure this is a farce. 99% sure.'s a bad one. Sorry folks...the idea of a cat doing yoga? I don't find it funny. Maybe I missed the memo or forgot to drink the KoolAid or something....

2.) Die Screaming With Sharp Things In Your Head - A few points on this little gem. One: shorten the webpage title. Oh yes, it definately catches attention, but it's a bit of a mouthful. Two: whoever made this page must have had a seriously fucked up experience with Snow White and her band of merry dwarves.

3.) Aquariass - A toilet...and a fishbowl. Huh. So your fish can watch you take a shit. And you can watch them watch you take a shit. I can't think of a better place to put a fishtank (that, World, was sarcasm - in case you didn't get it).

So there you have it. This week's three weird-ass things that made me go "huh?" I'm sure there's more. Oh, I'm sure there's much, much more. But this is what I came across. :-p Happy readings!

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