Monday, October 26, 2009

Picture Monday!

So here's another round of Picture Monday. This week's round of photos are some more from Oak Island, North Carolina. Enjoy!

I don't know these people. I just thought that it was a touching scene.

This picture almost made the drive through Hurricane Charlie worth it. Almost.


  1. I really like these pictures. The bridge and the last one of the light through the clouds after the storm are 2 that I can really relate to in my life right now. Beautiful.

  2. Instead of taking pictures you should have stopped that man from trying to feed that girl to the birds. Your blog doesn't always come first.

  3. I dunno... natural selection is pretty clear about that kinda thing.

  4. Well, last one is the best as you probably know -- or maybe the kid-and-seagulls!

    What're you shooting with? Some aren't quite sharp... probably caused by low-light hand-holding I guess?

    Last is certainly rather lovely :)

  5. Beth: Thanks! I'd have to say my favorite of the group is the last one of the ocean.

    Captain Dumbass: The kid was bratty. I'm with anonymous on this one.

    Anonymous: Indeed.

    Sebastian: I shoot with a Nikon D70 (I loves me some DSLR). Some of the images are a bit shaky for a variety of reasons - main one being (as you guessed it) low-light photography sans tripod. I love low-light photography and all it can do, but...I have extremely shaky hands. Another reason why they may not be as clear as they should be is probably because the majority of these photos were taken a few years ago - back when I was first learning what I know now about photography. But I like them anyways :)

  6. Now you know why I only shoot with prime lenses...! I'm an aperture whore :)

    Can't wait to do some more live-music stuff with this new 50mm...

  7. I also shoot with a Nikon Coolpix (S550) when I don't feel like lugging the big camera out in public. It's also great for those on-the-fly moments. Oh, and occasionally I'll steal my dad's Nikon D200 if there's something really important I want to photograph.

  8. lol, mesees. I used to take photos for our college paper, and I have quite a few live-music pics that turned out really well. Hmmmm...maybe I should drag those out....


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