Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lily and some robots.

So yea. I get to have Lily for the second time in a row on my blog. Heh. Wahoo! This ring is shitty movie awareness club, or SMAC as we like to call it, and this month's feature concerns animated movies. Anyways, I'll just let Lily take it from here, since she's so much more awesome than I ever could be. If you'd like to see me rag on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, check out Tit's blog here. Also, big thanks to Nugs for organizing this monster of a ring - we love you long time.


Hi, and welcome to the June installment of Shitty Movie Awareness Club! This month’s theme is animated movies. And while, I love many animated movies, I have one to pick a bone or two with. I originally wanted to write about Disney’s Up. I quickly realized that despite the very depressing beginning to that movie, and how creepy I think it is that the old man travels around the world in his house with that chubby little boy …. I still LOVE Up and can never really say anything bad about it.

The Jetsons: The Movie. From the 1990’s. Not that I remember anything from 1990 (when the movie was released). I was only three, but I saw this when I was like six or seven and thought it was pretty stupid then, and I think it’s stupid now.

Firstly, the plot was dumb. How can someone as dumb as George Jetson get a super huge promotion, when according to Mr. Spacely, he’s a freaking idiot? To go from a Homer Simpson-esque position in Mr. Burn’s nuclear power plant to a Vice President position made my head explode. And the writers wanted me to believe that these cutesy wootesy little teddy bear thingies are the bad guys?! Yeah, NO!

Cute thingies can’t be bad guys! Plus they needed the sprockets, so screw you Mr. Spacely.

Everything’s just wrong with the stupid movie. It takes place it the near future. And while I guess in the 1950’s we thought we’d be a lot more advanced than we actually are… but that’s still no excuse (You hear that, Hanna-Barbera?). Here were my problems with this movie:

Problem #1: How do the Jetson’s live in the future and not have warm water? Even the Flintstones had warm water, and they were living in the Stone Age.

Problem #2: The people of the late 21st century have personal spaceships. But said ships have no breaks, and they have to break with their feet?!

The only thing that is semi-right is the robot maid thing:

Robot Maid meet Robot Maid.


  1. Dammit I loved that movie!!


    Um and who doesn't love Astro and Fergie!

    Sigh, I guess everyone can't share my love of the absolutely ludicrousness that is the Jetsons Movie. It was a cute message I guess.

  2. I miss the Jetsons!!!! :)

    I love the episode when the jetsons met the flinstones :)



  3. PS. i cant find your blog post on tit's blog?

  4. I did like the movie... but... I just found it problematic. :(

    Toni, I loved that episode too!

    Nyxy, you didn't mess up the last two pictures. :)


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