Wednesday, June 8, 2011

20sb Vlog Day 2011

So, over at 20sb they have this thing called Vlog day. And, of course, today is it! So, here's my humble little contribution.

And yes. I do have magnificent cleavage, thank you for noticing.


  1. I know who you are .

    And wherever you are sitting right now is beautiful. I am coming to visit it, wait there.

  2. It's awesome to finally put a face to the name. You are awesome.

  3. We do need a 20sb app, like, now. I need to be able to 20sb chat from the bathroom and the doctor's office and the grocery line. Someone smarter than us needs to invent this shit asap.

  4. I agree so much on a 20sb app. Also i totally understand the cat thing. My parent cat leaves bunnies on our porch and it just kills me.

    Plus your hair is supa cute, so let the half-inch thing go!

  5. Oh man I am in serious need of a 20sb app. It would make life so much more amazing.

    And you're right. If someone doesn't know you, they should. Life without Nyx is like daytime without sunlight ;)

  6. I wish you would sleep late at night always so I have someone to chat with .. lollll :))

    talk about hair cuts... ugh.. same as what happened to mine... my hair was long and i just wanted to trim it and now its above my shoulder i hate it.. even though i get compliments.. i still hate it.. i dont want my hair shoulder length coz it's ends go fly the opposite way


    hey nyx.. gave you an award :))

  7. I miss your face darling. I'm sure I'll be online liking for you more now that i'm all unemployed and not getting up at 430am, so you need to be there.

    the app is a very Very important thing someone needs to create yesterday.


Because I'm needy.