Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bloggerstock is here! Hosting Lily!

People. It's bloggerstock time, and I. Have. The. Lily. AND I HAVE HER FOR MOVIE REVIEWS TOO! #stoked. Ya'll need to check out her blog, it's totally hilarious and full of everything I wish mine was.

Oh. Right. This isn't twitter, this is my blog. Silly me. Still though....#stoked.

Right. Onto Lily's post :) If you want to see mine, head on over to the fabulous Risha's blog (I know I say this everytime I post these things, but I so won the jackpot this time).


Hello Bloggerstock readers! I’m lily and I’m from Is it too early for a martini? Nyxy and I both signed up for two different blog rings, and by chance, I’m guest posting on her blog twice. And this is the first of the two.

This month for bloggerstock, we got a chance to bring out our old diaries and journals and reflect back on what we wrote. I found an entry that was short and simple… but I’m going to re-write is as an adult.


School today was boring. We didn’t do anything. We were supposed to start thinking about what we want to do it on. I’m not sure what I should do yet. It’s not really a competition type, so there’s no prize. And Mr. S ---- said he’s going to film us while we talk about our project. Weird.

After school, Luis walked me home. He told me he still liked me. I don’t know if I still like him. He said he wanted me to be his girlfriend. I told him I need to think about it. So I told him to call me later. Or I’ll just tell him on Monday.

How I would write this now:

I was being the typical underachiever today at school. I’m sure we were learning something we needed to learn … like the pythagorean theorem, or something like that. Our task was supposed to pick an experiment for our science project. Which - by the way - isn’t a competition like REAL science projects. What the fuck is up with that? I would so take this more seriously if I got some sort of ribbon, or even a certificate for this… but a trophy would be nice. Mr. S ---- told us he would be filming our presentations. Can you say CREEPO!? Who records 14 year olds talking about rotten bananas? Pedos. That’s who.

Luis and I walked home together after school. I mean, not like we don’t live in the same direction. He said he still liked me. And I don’t blame him. I’m the only girl in our class who doesn’t wear a training bra! Duh, he’s still going to like me. Then this little dipshit asked me out. Uh, yeah, no Luis. No. I don’t really like him anymore. He’s just really cute but kind of a douchebag. I told him to call me when he got home… because I have him wrapped around my finger. But, most likely on Monday, I’ll tell him, “No dice!”.

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  1. "I'm the only girl in class who doesn't wear a training bra"

    ha ha, I don't blame him either!


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