Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Buffalo, Pt. Two

I'm back!
I know all of you have been awaiting my return. Oh yes, gentle reader, I know that you have been anticipating this post with barely-contained anticipation. Just face it. My blog is the center of your world.

Right? Right.

Now that we've got that settled, let me tell you about my lovely trip to the land of Canada. Well...as canadian as one can get without actually leaving the country.

That's right! Buffalo! Home of the Buffalo wing, and beef on weck, and deep-fried cauliflower (incidentally, they have some of the best heart centers in the country).

The drive up wasn't too bad - we only had to stop for gas once. Woot.

I love my car sometimes (a 2005 Chevy Equinox...it's actually quite good on gas, surprisingly).

Seeing the slow agonizing death of millions of leaves has never been so beautiful before as we passed the scenic vistas of Pennsylvania and New York.

We hit some sleet on the way up (which led to me clutching the armrest and screaming in fear telling Pookie to please be careful with my baby car). Other than that, it was relatively uneventful (we plugged in Kathy Griffin's audiobook).

So we get up to Buffalo, and I met his grandmother for the first time almost first time.

See, she had attended his graduation, but due to circumstances beyond my control (drunken wicked witch of the west stepmother), I hadn't said more than a 'hello' to her. So this was almost my first time meeting her.

A few things struck me right off the bat about her. 1.) She was tiny. The woman is a midget, which is hilarious because Pookie is at about 6'5." 2.) She had a kick ass attitude. The woman's eyes lit up like she had just won the lottery when we mentioned that there was a bottle of Jack Daniels rolling around in the back of my car. She was so thrilled when we gave it to her at the end of our visit. 3.) She was very...VERY...catholic. Extremely catholic. Irish catholic.

I, of course, adored her.

We got along swimmingly. So when she suggested that we go the Basilica, I agreed. And I may have even enjoyed myself. And when we went to goodwill? I shopped the china. I even bought myself a cute little cordial glass (I love cordial glasses. Can't stand cordials, but I love the little petite glasses they are served in).

Pookie's uncle took us to go see the Sabres v. Flyers game. The entire time I was in Buffalo, I was getting shit for being a Flyers fan. His granny even gave me shit. But that's ok, because we beat Buffalo 5-1.

Ha. Take that, granny.

His uncle hooked us up with INSANE tickets - 7th row. I gotta say, I'm not much of an Emery fan (although, I wasn't a Biron fan either...I was a Nitty fan), but the Flyers put up a good defence and managed to score against Miller.

Although, if you know anything about hockey, that isn't all that much of an achievement. I'm pretty sure Miller couldn't manage to block for the pee-wee hockey teams that play at halftime.

Just sayin'.....

Anyways, we I had fun. After the game, we went to Duff's, which is arguably (or so I'm told) the best place to get wings in Buffalo. Sure, there's the Anchor bar, but I'm told that Duff's is where it's at. I've never seen chicken wings that big (here in Delaware (a major chicken supplier, for all you ignorant fools out there) we breed our chickens for breast size rather than wing size. Kind of like South Beach, but for chickens). MMMMMmmmmMMM.
And then, World, the trip started to take a turn for the worst.

That's right. Pookie got the swine flu. Oink oink.

I mean, me and his granny had a grand old time. We ate at Tim Horton's no less than five times during four days, and we discussed everything ranging from religion (I just don't understand why all these kids walk into the church with their jeans!) to Tim Horton's (You know, he was a hockey player) to family (let's just say that hints concerning marraige were dropped by Pookie's dear old granny. I pretended to be ignorant). Unfortunately, I didn't get to go to Niagra Falls, but I'm planning on going back when Pookie's feeling better, and then we can both go see the Falls.

Or, if he dies, then I'll just go by myself. Pretty sure Granny will let me stay with her. :)

The drive home wasn't so bad either. I mean, besides that time that I almost sideswiped the stupid little white Saab that some lady was driving.

She had the gall to get in my blind spot. Pft.

We made it home, safe and sound (and I got to sample the delicacies of pit stop cuisine).

So that was my trip to Buffalo.

So, the Garmin took us some really weird way down the road. I took the rainbow as a good sign.
I have an obsession about wind-energy. More specifically, the windmills themselves. I took no less than ten photos of these.
Ah, the Basilica. I now know Fr. Baker's entire life-history, and I got to see some pretty kick-ass statues to boot.
Yea. Our seats were *that* good. Be jealous.
Free beer never tasted so good.

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  1. Thank GOD your back...I want to tell you that should Pookie Smookie Love Bunny die (hope he doesnt but if he does) I will go to the falls with you! That is if Douche and Munchkin will let both of us have off at the same time...Glad Ya'll had fun !!!


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