Monday, August 24, 2009


Yep. That's right - I've attempted a cartoon. That's supposed to be a dolphin, FYI.

Read the'll understand.
Hm. As if the zoo officials thought "Hey, I know what we can do to get back at those evil tourists that dare to spend their money here. We'll make the floor wet! MUWAHAHAHAHA."

Dream on lady. Dream. On.

Gotta say...this is kind of remniscent of the McDonald's coffee incident. mean it's hot? I had no idea!

The floor is near an area of water. Ergo, it stands to reason that the floor surrounding said area of water would be slight wet.

Hm. Gotta say, I'm sick of people using the law in order to make a quick buck. It cheapens our legal system (like our system needs any help with that).

Figured I'd just post that little blurp (mini-rant). Ran across it whilst I was checking my e-mail.


  1. People sometimes seem to think that they bear no responsibility for their own actions, or lack thereof. A big fat potential cash win or settlement seems to lurk just at every opportunity for many. It does nothing but contribute to the notion of entitlement. It drives up the cost of business everywhere too. Sad.

  2. quipster,

    Agree about the entitlement mentality. Juries often find for the plaintiff in hopes that when it's their turn, someone will find for them. Nyx,
    re: your original art work, LOL. Wish I could draw that well. The only thing that surprises me is that the woman isn't suing Flipper personally. Wonder if yon Allecyn (I hate her already because of the Yuppie spelling) is a professional fall-down artist.

  3. Boy I was having this exact same conversation yesterday. If you don't like to be splashed and are a klutz who isn't smart enough to know you can slip on water, don't go see dolphins. I think we should start making plantiffs pay the opponent's legal fees if they fail to win the case. That should slow things down for these slugs who prefer looking for ways to take other people's money instead of working.

  4. You know what REALLY bothers me? There are legitimate cases out there that are getting lost in the noise and cheapened by all the con artists and creepy lawyers who troll around looking for law suits.

  5. Yep. I have a friend who was riding a public bus, and the bus got hit head on by some fool who didn't know what the hell a stop sign is. He hit the bus right where she was sitting - she got thrown across the bus (literally). Luckily, those buses are built like tanks, so she didn't have too much damage occur. She tried suing, just so that she would have enough to cover for x-rays.

    Guess what? She didn't get anything.

    It angers me that this woman seems to think that it's ok to cry wolf when there are legitimate cases out there that are getting denied.


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