Tuesday, August 25, 2009

No Name

Hi world.

I got new parakeet today.

And how did I happen to get a new parakeet, you say?

Ah. Well...erm.

Some guy brought it in a shoebox. Then left it there. Just left it on the counter and walked away. It's been sitting in a cage for the last week.

So, I took it. I'm hoping that it'll get along with Ash, my other bird.

If it doesn't, that's ok - I have an extra cage. He's just a baby bird. I'm hoping that Ash doesn't pick on him too terribly.

Sadly, it's not an uncommon thing for animals to get dropped off at the store. Times are rough, and people seem to think that it's ok to just dump their animals wherever.

I've seen more animals dropped off in the last three months than the entire two years I've worked at the (major mega chain) petstore.

I remember the first animals I remember being dropped off. It was a box of kittens. The guy said that he found them in a dumpster, in a plastic bag, but he couldn't keep them because his dog wouldn't get along with them.

Then he put the box down and walked out of the store. Luckily, our adoption partner, Faithful Friends (if anyone lives in the Tri-State area and is looking for a good place to send some money, that's an awesome no-kill rescue. And I don't even like most no-kill rescues) took them in without a question.

I wish it was that easy for the rest of the animals that come in. Faithful Friends has since run out of room at its rescue, and we'll be pretty much screwed if we get anymore kittens or cats dropped off. The harsh reality is that there just isn't enough space to house all the unwanted pets in the world.

Please, please, if you're looking for an animal, consider adopting. Petfinder.com is a GREAT resource - most major shelters/rescues are listed there, and their search function is off the hook. Hundreds and hundreds of innocent dogs and cats (among other pets) are being put down on a daily basis, for no other reason than there's not enough room.

They don't deserve it.

The new addition.

I love it when they puff.


  1. God bless for your kindness towards animals.

  2. Thanks crier! It's kind of a prerequisite, working at a pet store. :-p

  3. Bless you for what you do. I am involved in cat rescue so I know how it tugs your heart. I believe that in the end we are judged by how we treat the lesser creatures. And I know for a fact you can tell a lot about a person by how he or she treats animals, especially those in need.

    Cute bird!

  4. Thanks UW. Believe me, it's not easy not bringing home every animal that comes in. Of course, you probably understand that.

    So I'm trying to think of a name for my birdy friend. So far the current suggestion is Pig.

    Any opinions?

  5. Your little one is lovely. Don't worry, a name will surely come to you as it's personality begins to show.

  6. Purely suggestions: Lolita. Casanova. Lurch. Ginger. Paisley. Caesar. Spike. Tinkerbell.

  7. Nyx,

    What a cutie--well, both of you. Thanks.

    I get really upset when people insist on getting a "purebred" animal (a tribute to their own vaity) when there are so many wonderful, needy, loving friends available from shelters and rescue groups.

  8. Sorry--my imagination for pet's names stops at "Fluffy."

  9. We decided to name him Tuck. After Friar Tuck. From Robin Hood. Don't ask. Just don't ask. :)


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