Sunday, August 23, 2009


Yes, I realize that it has been over a month since I've updated here. No, I haven't died.


To make this up to you, I'll put a very cute picture up. Look at it...loooove it....

This is kitty. Or Nikky, as my mother and sister enjoy calling her. She's a stray who, for some reason, seems to like us.

I'm sure that us feeding her has nothing to do with it.

Don't be fooled by that collar 'round her neck. She was originally gotten for my neighbor's spawn, who then proceeded to neglect her. This led to the neighbor disregarding the poor thing and letting it fend for itself in the vast wilderness of suburbia.

Well. We weren't having any of that, no sireebob.

So she is now 'our' cat. And by "our" I mean every neighbor living on our block.

Go fig.

I love the little hairball. She does, of course, send me into sneezing fits and scrambling for tissues every time I'm around her (seeing as how I harbor an unfortunate allergy), but hey. That's not her fault.

At first, I tried to find her a home (to no avail...). I then tried to convince every person that I had ever met that they were in desperate need of a cat. luck. I then got to talking with a few of the neighbors.

And then realized how very wrong I was.

The cat had a home. Six homes, to be precise. Apparently, everyone has been making sure she's being taken care of...and she's been eating at all six homes.

No wonder she's a porker.

Don't let the face fool ya. That "woe is me" bit is all just one big act.

Oh kitty. How easily fooled I was.

It's ok though. I promise I won't run you over too much with my SUV.

I think I'm going to take her in to get her shots this upcoming Sunday. Not today, of course. I mean the Sunday that will be the most forthwith starting from tomorrow.

Oy...I foresee my bank account dwindling in the future.


  1. We could learn a lot about how to be enterprising from our cats. Nikki is a very handsome marmelade tabby and I suspect she knows it too. One day she will decide which humans she would like to Serve her for the rest of her life. She would do well if you were that human.

  2. Scuse me, I meant to say Mackeral tabby.

  3. Keep on truckin, Nyx!

  4. Er...Thankya all! Woot. Big hugs to Quipster and Uppity for being the first commentors.

    And yea. Nikky is a great cat, very friendly. Bit of a pain the ass when she sits right in front of my car...10 minutes before I'm to show up at work.

    Not so great then.

    And I would take her in if I could, but my allergies won't permit it (unfortunately). Luckily, I have fantastic neighbors that take her in during the winter months.


  5. Hi Nyx,

    I'm one of Uppity's lot. I see ou're honest, hard-working, funny, and like cats--yup, you're one of us, alright.

  6. what's not to like about cats? they have a very 'you can go to hell now if you'd like' attitude. gotta admire it :-p

  7. Nyx, my neighbor's cat sleeps on the hood of my car, and stays there even after I start it, staring at me like Hey WTF! I was sleeping!

  8. Yea...I've gotten that look a few dozen times from kitty. I told her to get off my car once. She put her head back down and started sleeping. was a humbling experiance.

  9. Yeah well woe to the person who doesn't comprehend the cat's superiority. It just Is.


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