Saturday, January 2, 2010

Goal for 2010

So yesterday was New Year's.

Some of you (hi there, Pumpkin loyal readers!!) may have noticed that I haven't updated regularly. I've been busy trying to figure out who I am and what I am and what I want to do with my life. 2009 was kind of a bum year for me, and if you asked me in college what I'd be doing now, working at a pet store definitely wouldn't have been on my list.

But, shit happens.

I suppose that would be my motto for 2009 - shit happens. In no particular order, I lost a close friend, had my second mother die, had to put my two best friends dogs down, went to Ireland and Scotland, gained an awesome boyfriend who makes my toes curl, I started this blog, went to Buffalo (NY), and I learned that sometimes we just have to grow up, take the losses, and accept that life doesn't always turn out according to plan.


I'm going to get better with posting - I promise! I kind of fell out of the habit since I pretty much got slammed with a whole lot of bad. Funny thing about that - I forgot to look at all the good things in life. Luckily, I was smacked back to reality on New Year's night - apparently I'm prone to epiphanies when I'm completely and absolutely inebriated.

I have a good life. I may not have a big fancy apartment by now, and I may live paycheck to paycheck, but I am far from in need.

But I have an awesome boyfriend who puts up with me (and all my whining), and a family that despite being rather insane is somewhat supportive. And despite my job kind of sucking, I have had the pleasure and distinct honor of calling a good majority of my co-workers "friends." I am truly grateful for them, as they put up with me and my malarkey every day, and they haven't killed me yet.

So, I think that for 2010 I'm going to try to focus more on the good things in my life. I know I'm going to have to deal with the bad as it comes, but just because there's bad doesn't mean that I should forget that I've got a lot of good as well.


It sounds like a plan.


  1. I didn't think I'd be doing seasonal work in a book store either, but there you go. I think 2010 is going to be good though, I mean, it has to be right? Right?

    Happy belated New Year

  2. "he obviously can't comprehend that not every moment has to pertain to something earthshattering and mindblowing."

    This is why you fail. You don't take life seriously enough. This is why your career isn't zooming to the top already. You have to keep in mind that your prospective employers aren't mind numbed Gen X/Y idiots whose brains are fried from too much TV, computer, or video games.

    You come across like a another moron with a college degree, of which there are tens of thousands like you who also can't find a job in their major.

  3. Of course you are needy, because you've had a lifetime of having people say over and over that you were "special."

    "I've been busy trying to figure out who I am and what I am and what I want to do with my life."

    I know what you are but I'm sure you wouldn't want to hear it. It seems you do everything to skirt what's most unpleasant in life, instead of welcoming it and daring it to overcome your being.

  4. Capt. Dumbass: Happy Belated New Year's to you too! I agree - I think that 2010 will be a good year.

    David Black: I realize that what I am about to say will probably make no sense to you, nor will it change your mind about me - according to you, I am nothing other than a brainless Gen Y twit who is a complete failure and a drain on society. With all due respect, sir, I don't buy your shock-factor ridiculousness. Instead of presenting a well-thought out argument, you sling insults and diatribes. I agree that college degrees now are far too easy to obtain. I also agree that because they are easy to obtain, their value has greatly depreciated. That is no reason to call me an idiot. You have, as your profile suggests, decided to go with what is easy and accept a general and sweeping stereotype concerning people of my age group. You do not know me, nor do you know of my experiences. You know simply what is in this blog.

    What I choose to post on my personal blog is, quite frankly, none of your business. If you like it, then fine. If you don't, then don't read it - it's as simple as that.

  5. It's useless to waste well-thought out arguments with some kid who doesn't have the intellect to understand them.

    Look, I've read your blog entries. They do not indicate that you are serious about life. My daughter at 23 years old was in Europe studying law and making a name for herself, not working in a pet shop and bemoaning her fate in front of the entire world. You're not making your work the center of your being. That's why you're failing. You don't sound driven and obsessive about the work you've spent four years of your money studying.

    Your childhood and adolescence are over. Start thinking and acting like a true adult. You're still hung up on play. Your parents should be grabbing you by the shoulders and shaking some sense into you.

  6. I like your perspective..and anyone who can use diatribe effectively is clearly not a kid lacking intellect.


Because I'm needy.