Sunday, January 24, 2010

another new blog

So I'm debating about creating another blog.

Yes yes, I know. I'm a fool. After all, I tried that Purchaser's Review thing a while back, and look at it now.

Bugger. It's on hiatus, I swear! Maybe. Mostly. Kind-of.

I could come back to it.

Anyways, I'm thinking I'm going to do a short-story blog. I'll probably use Wordpress for it since it offers a bit more customizeable features that even a technical idiot like me can figure out. I used it for my youth group blog, and I really liked how that one turned out. I'm even debating about switching this blog over to Wordpress, since...y'know. Google is the devil.

Anyways, I've been writing short little vignettes for Badass Geek's brainchild Fiction 500. The premise is simple - write a fully stand-alone story in 500 words or less.

A tad more difficult than it sounds. Especially for me, because I tend to ramble on and on (as if ya'll couldn't figure that out).

I really enjoy writing for it. A lot. However, now that I've gotten into this whole 'writing' mode, I think I'm going to start posting up more short stories on my own blog. I will, of course, still post to the Fiction 500 website, since I love it like Chuck Norris loves roundhouse kicks. But I've been writing some other stuff, and there's no way I can cram it into 500 words. So for those stories I think I'll post them up to the other site.


I'll post a link here when I'm done creating it.


  1. Fun! I love to write but I suck at fiction. Suck city at fiction. Can't rock it out.

  2. Sara: Bah, I'm sure you're ok at fiction - it's not hard. All it is is telling a story :) Just like real life. Except it's made up. You write well in your blog, I'm sure you'd be ok with fiction as well.

    It's like daydreaming with a pen. Or, in my case, a laptop.

    Anyways, thanks for the comment!!!

  3. I'm glad you like Fiction 500 so much! I haven't written anything new in a little while, and I really need to get on that.

  4. Badass Geek: Oh yes, I very much do. Love it, that is. And I go through those periods too, where I kind of fall into a writing rut. It sucks, but when I'm done with it I tend to write better.


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