Monday, November 29, 2010

Drumsticks on Fire

Every once in a while, I look around and go 'huh.' A perpetual outsider, I've honed my skills for observing the natives. It started out as a survival tactic and grew to be something I'd do to amuse myself.

And, every once in a while, it shows me an aspect of myself that I never knew I had.

I feel like I need to precede this story with a few simple facts about myself:

1.) I don't dance. Ever. Not only because I can't (seriously, drunk badgers have better rhythm), but also because I pose a clear and present danger to all in my vicinity.

2.) I don't generally flirt. Never really felt like I had to - the only men interested in flirting with me (usually) are creepy old men. With man-boobs and sweat stains. Sexxxay.

3.) Singing is also a no-no. My broken warbling has been known to bring men to their knees, begging for mercy.

So yes. And these three facts have pretty much remained my status quo (yes, I know I'm boring). I'm the girl over by the wall, sipping on a Guinness and gently swaying to the music (I've found I'm a very good sway-er)

I went out with a coworker to see a band the other night. I enjoy music, and I enjoy beer. The fact that said band was playing in a bar was a plus. After repeatedly refusing a few buckets of rum (seriously, the bar serves rum buckets. It's a bucket filled with four or five different types of awesome is that?), I decided to settle in with my Jameson (ok, c'mon didn't really expect me to drink some sissy fruity thing, did you?).

Long story short, after a few Jamesons, a few Yuenglings, and a Guinness or three, I was headbanging along with the band to Rage Against the Machine. There was also some jumping and sexy (!!! I almost achieved a sexy dance!!!) dancing. The drummer lit his drumsticks on fire. He also did a pretty sick solo.

I had a lot of fun, and I think I've resigned myself to doing things like that more often. Except maybe with less drinking, because really, I don't think my liver can take that on a regular basis.


  1. I should get onto 20sb chat more often. (since that's where I ran into you and then stumbled over here to add you to my reader).

    I absolutely understand what you mean about being the outsider and seeing things about yourself that way.

    except that I love to dance. I just always end up dancing Alone. In a crowd. By myself. Cause I'm weird that way. And I love to sing. I don't flirt though. Unless he starts it. I pretty much don't talk to anyone unless they start it. BUT I'm friendly when they do!

    I have my own things I notice about myself, but those times we get out of being the outsider and Do something out of the norm... they're always great. So why don't we do something to be Less of an outsider instead of accepting it?

    i don't know. but it's a good thing to ask ourselves isn't it?


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