Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Just Can't Wait For Fall

Warning: Very random post ahead. You're warned.

I love fall.

Quite simply, it's the perfect season. Just like Goldilocks, I prefer my weather neither too hot, nor too cold - and fall's weather lands perfectly in that lovely in-between.

Leaves die in a splash of color (because, I guess, if you're going to go out then you might as well make a spectacle of it, and even Mother Nature is entitled to be one dramatic bitch sometimes), Halloween is right around the corner, apples are ripe for the picking, and there's this delicious crisp quality to the air that just makes me tingle.

That's right. Tingle. Not to be confused with Tinkle, which is an entirely different notion.

Football, hockey, fencing. I semi-follow football, pretty much bleed black and orange when hockey season starts, and I couldn't tell you anything at all about fencing - other than it sounds kind of cool, and I can totally picture myself with a sabre.

Ok. Let's face it. I just like sharp, pointy objects.

Something else I happen to adore: fall clothing. Boots. I will totally hit up Marshall's (because, well, who doesn't love Marshall's?) and make Charlie Sheen look positively sane in comparison. My girlish squeals of delight will echo down the aisles, and passerby will avoid all eye contact. I don't care. God help any soul unfortunate enough to be between me and a fabulous pair of boots. I can be a bit of a slut when it comes to a good fall jacket (or hoodie!), and it is painfully obvious whenever I step into the gloriously air-conditioned interior of my local Marshall's.

I've decided to join a gym this fall. It's one of those "open 24 hr" deals - hopefully I won't get stabbed or raped or mauled on my way there after work. Seeing as how I normally work until 9 to 9:30 pm, a 24hr gym is necessary. Along with attempting to eat better, I'm hoping that it'll do my body some good. Updates to come.

Then there's also Captain America (the boy). At the risk of sounding disgustingly sappy, I'm excited to spend this fall with him. His birthday is in November. I'm getting him Pixies tickets. I totally couldn't keep my trap shut and (right before eating dinner with him) I was totally all "So...DOYOUWANNASEETHEPIXIESWITHMEONYOURBIRTHDAY?"

After a moment (which I assume he took so he could decipher my babble), he blinked. Then told me I was awesome.

I know Captain America. I am awesome. Thank you for noticing. :)

Apple picking has started. I think I'm going to attempt it this Sunday. Maybe make a pie.

A pie seems like a nice way to welcome in fall, right? Right.


  1. Finally!

    I actually really enjoy fall too. I Would be all similar with the shopping and the boots and the... I just can't go on. I Wish I could be. Instead I'm Practical & Responsible & pay bill & buy kids clothes instead. Damn. But I do like picturing you go crazy.

    Your Captain America is obv a smart one. One - he knows you're awesome. Two - he's your boyfriend. And Three - he wasn't intimidated by our love or the fact that we'd be together Forever if only one of us had a penis. But I would like to know More about this man who has stolen my Nyx's time. If he doesn't want to be blogged much a semi vague but still gives a good idea of who/what he is will l do as well. :)

    And thirdly: you should join operation get less fat, aka #oglf. It's me & tabs keeping each other accountable but so far we fail cause she's too nice to me & i bet you would beat us up if we switch to operation fatass. And I'd totally keep you accountable back. If you need that sort of thing (like me, ugh august = #oglf fail).

    Oh & ps I'm so freaking happy you & tabs are all happy with your boys. You'd think I get something out of it, it's probably strange. But whatever. I'm Happy Dammit! :)

    Ok, I'm done. I love your face.

  2. I'm sure I don't need to remind you, but yes, you are awesome.
    Also, 20sb chat misses you.

  3. Cooler Temperatures + Crunchy Leaves + Football = The Best Season of the Year.

  4. I like fall too! It is a great season, not too hot not too cold and beautiful.


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