Friday, July 23, 2010

Cupcake Mania


I don't get it. Everywhere I turn, it's like the local bakeries just up and quit and decided to be...

Cupcakeries? Ugh.

I don't have anything against cupcakes - hell, I've even been known to make a few every now and again. But this...this is insanity.

My sister is a fan. She thinks nothing of going out and spending 3 or 4 dollars per cupcake. Me? I think that hey, for 3 or 4 dollars I can make 24 cupcakes out of a boxed mix and slap some frosting on them.

Voila. Or something.

Maybe it's that they're cute. And individually portioned. Or maybe it's that people don't feel so guilty eating them. Maybe they bring back cherished childhood memories.

Personally, I miss the old style bakeries. Places that made things like this:

That, dear friends, is a tart I made the other day. And yes, it was delicious, thanks for asking. But I dunno, maybe it's just me or the area I live in, but I can't find things like that in a bakery anymore. I can't find things like Baba au Rhum, or Beignet, or even just a few standard breads.

Instead, they've been replaced by cupcakes, regular cakes, and maybe a scant assortment of cookies.

I'm in mourning for the traditional American bakery. It's ok, at least they aren't doing any themed -

Oh God. Why.

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  1. Cupcakes are depressing. It's like, if I want cake, I want a huge piece of cake... none of this individually wrapped crap.


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