Thursday, April 15, 2010

A heavy weight

I think it's time that I went on a diet.

It was my first anniversary with Pookie, and I was scrambling to find something to wear.

"Wear something dressy," he said. "But make sure you're comfortable."

Obviously Pookie hasn't realized that for girls? Dressy and comfortable do not go together. At least they don't for me, and never have.

So I decided to wear pants and a nice shirt. I lovingly tugged my sole pair of black dress pants out from the back of my closet (I usually hate formal functions, so I try to avoid them as much as possible) and tried them on.

It was then that I discovered that I? Have gained yet another size.


After much frustration (curling up in the fetal position and crying like a baby), I sucked it up, pulled out a dress (urg), and climbed into that. I'd like to think that I was, at the very least, semi-classy and that I didn't embarass Pookie too much when we went for dinner.

I'd show you pictures of me in said dress, but...I'd have to kill you. Don't want to ruin my reputation or anything.

So I am going on a diet. I've really lost it in terms of keeping up with my exercise and making sure I eat appropriately (oh butter, how I love thee), so I'm going to attempt to lose some weight the right way.

As soon as my tax-rebate comes, I'm joining a gym.

And guess what World? You all get to laugh at my struggles.

I really do love me some butter.

So you'll get to snicker sympathize as I inevitably break my diet, horrifically torture myself at the gym, and attempt to lead a better lifestyle. And I'll post how much weight I've lost, and what I've eaten, and what I've done so far as exercise goes, and yadda yadda yadda. I know you're horribly interested.

Today's breakfast: 1 banana and a small glass of orange juice
Today's lunch: egg-salad sandwich on multi-grain toast, sliced strawberries, and steamed cauliflower.
Weight loss so far: 0. In fact, I may have gained some. Urgh.


  1. Chunky girls unite! OK, so I feel like we need like super power rings or something. Or at least something that lights up and a secret hand shake. ;)

    You can do it! I am going to Curves now which is way more manageable (money wise) than a gym AND I get molested by old ladies while listening to Aqua. I don't think a gym could do better.

  2. We'll see how it pans out. We totally need to get super power rings (Captain Planet comes to mind).

    I'm going to join Planet Fitness (they've lured me with their cheap gym rates) and bust some lard on the machines. Hopefully.

    Also...Aqua? Seriously? Dude.

    I'm a barbie girl....

  3. Isn't Barbie Girl from Toy Box not Aqua?

  4. nope, it's from aqua. :)


Because I'm needy.